Simplicity; Dignity; Un-worldliness- these are the requirements of a true monument.
Union Cemetery is in itself a worthy monument, a memorial, created to endure.

Union Cemetery Association

Union Cemetery is both an institution and a tradition.  Organized as a not-for-profit organization in 1854 to meet the needs of the city, it has served generation after generation with faithful integrity.

Few cemeteries in America can match the natural beauty of its trees and ravines, the glory of its flowering shrubbery and the majesty of the oaks and maples.  Union Cemetery, having served Steubenville and the surrounding communities for generations, is prepared to serve for generations to come, with many acres still to develop.

To visitors this institution extends a friendly welcome.  This sacred and hallowed spot of soothing tranquility and gentle calm is here for the enjoyment of all who wish to enter the gates.